Caveboy's A River Run's Through it Page
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A River Run's Through it !
Well sorry ladies this is not about Brad Pitt, this is another
page about caves and Caveboy playing around in one.
The Cave is commercial so heres directions. Scotthollow

This is my cousin Jeanne shes hooked on caving. Thanks to caveboy!

This was her first caving trip!
How much could you ask for a chick
that want's to cave, you don't have
to trick or bribe her to go CAVING !!
She even bugs me about when can we go next!

Okay let's start the tour!
The staging area.
Down we go!
The tunnel of love!
To the river we go!
We have to climb a bit to get there!
Hey all this climbing and walking is making me hungry let's stop and eat!
I fell like am getting too skinny!
The river.
More river.
And more.
Still more river.
Look at these ugly guy's standing next to this river side flowstone.
Let's get the camera in for a close up.
Here's a close up of the flowstone.
Okay, last river picture!
Let's get out of the water and find something cool!
Okay another quick photo break before some more crawling!
Sometime you get a little hot!
How about some crawlin!
Cool look at that, now how did that get there!
There's another one!
Cool a bridge!
This stuff is great!
It get's better!
More better!
I'am running out of adjectives!
Did it snow in here!
I am speechless!
How about some group photo's!
One more group photo!
The end, man I am HOT !

The end.